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In lacostadigital we promote the main tourist destinations of the Costa Atlantica for you to travel and enjoy, and for that we provide news, notes, galleries, videos, promotions, discounts, giveaways and much more! Follow us on Facebook, become a fan of La Costa Atlantica and we will keep you abreast of our publications and exclusive benefits.

Live Santa Teresita pier- Buenos Aires (Argentina)
From the spa DELFIN

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Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine the Partido de la Costa ... its scents, its combination of colors, its landscapes. Have you already done it? Well, on the Coast it's even better than that. Exaggeration? Almost nothing ... Here, more than anywhere else, you imagine opening your suitcase to never close it again .... When you think of the coast, it evokes the sea and the sun. But the party on the coast, that giant, is more than a postcard advertisement. Here the wonderful thing is familiar, the everyday is rare. And if it falls sometimes in melancholy, it recovers immediately, to the influx of saline sea mist and its aroma to summer, sun and beach. The Partido de la Costa is a place for curious and insatiable travelers. He can do everything except leave you indifferent.

Holidays on the Atlantic Coast: 14 beaches to choose from

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Before Travelling

The Partido de la Costa is one of the main tourist destinations in Argentina, its culture, traditions, romanticism and glamor are the great attraction for thousands of tourists who visit the Atlantic Coast.

Accommodation in La Costa

It is one of the most important tourist destinations, so it receives great demand from visitors from all over the world; That is why the Partido de la Costa, in each of its cities, has a large number of hotels, lodgings and hostels to supply this need to the tourist.

The gastronomy in the Party of the Coast

It is one of the main distinctions of the country, the great amount of history and tradition, as well as its peculiar creole roasts are its best presentation letter before the eyes of the world, becoming an important reference of the national gastronomy.


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